Structural Plate

Efficient For Large Projects
Structural Plate is perfect for projects that require large pipe. This product offers efficient, easy installation.

Curved Strength
When the pipe size needed surpasses the capabilities of Corrugated Metal Pipe, lightweight pieces of Structural Plate are assembled in the field to form large, durable pipe. The Structural Plate is curved for additional strength and has sturdy 6" x 2" corrugations. Not only does this pipe come in a variety of shapes and sizes, but it also has a variety of coating options that increase durability.

The Value of Versatility
Structural Plate is ready for a variety of uses, including small bridges, underpasses, and stream enclosures. Structural Plate’s shape also helps maintain the natural environment into which pipes are installed. For example, the arch shape allows wildlife to pass through without difficulty and also leaves stream beds intact.

structural plate by metal culverts

Efficient for Large Projects
On-Site Assembly
Preserves Natural Environments