Spiral Rib Pipe

The Perfect Pipe
Metal Culvert's Spiral Rib Pipe combines the advantages of many piping varieties into one revolutionary product. Spiral Rib features the hydraulics of concrete and HDPE pipe, without the burden of installation costs due to the weight of concrete and the low pipe stiffness of HDPE. Like standard metal pipe, Spiral Rib is light-weight and easy to use. Strong, long-lasting, with superior performance, available in long lengths, Spiral Rib truly is the perfect pipe.

Revolutionary Hydraulic Design
Spiral Rib not only has better hydraulics than traditional metal pipe, it was proven to have a Manning's "n" factor of .012 at Utah State University’s Hydraulic Laboratory, allowing it to be used interchangeably with concrete pipe and plastic pipe without affecting flow capacity. In effect, engineers, consultants and owners can specify alternate drainage pipe products without having to develop more than one hydraulic design on a project.

Strength and Durability
The cost savings of Spiral Rib increases after installation. Spiral Rib is stiffer than HDPE pipe and therefore less inclined to deflect. The positive joint connection and long pipe lengths of Spiral Rib also maintain the project grade longer than concrete pipe. Various metals and coatings are available depending on site conditions. Matching the metal and coating with the individual site allows for maximum economic efficiency and/or longer service life.

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Spiral Rib Pipe in Production

Spiral rib Pipe Cross Section Specs

• Durable Metal
• Variety of Coatings Available
• The Hydraulics of a Smooth-
    Walled Pipe