Metal End Sections

Easy Installation
Metal End Sections are the cost effective way to give any project that finished look. Lightweight and easy to install, Metal End Sections blend well with their surroundings. At the site of installation, the Metal End Sections provide better depth control along with improved water flow. Metal End Sections also prevent erosion and reduce unsightly debris around the culvert.

The Flexible Fit
Metal End Sections can be used with corrugated metal pipes, reinforced concrete, or plastic pipes. It is easiest to incorporate Metal End Sections when the culvert is being installed. But if added later, Metal End Sections can be easily fitted to a variety of different sized culvert entrances and exits. This way, the Metal End Sections are easily connected to the existing culvert so a continuous structure is formed. In addition, if the culvert is relocated or lengthened, the Metal End Sections can be saved and re-used.


metal end sections by metal culverts

Blends with Surroundings
Fits Variety of Pipes
Flexible Installation